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MDSH Staff

 MDSH take pride in caring for the children we service, we are dedicated to providing the best service in a home setting...…..
Deoundrea (Ms Dee Dee) Keller

 Deoundrea Keller or known as Ms. Dee Dee is the founder of Ms. Dee Dee's Schoolhouse, and has been teaching for over 30 years, she holds a associate's degree in early childhood development. a bachelor's in Developmental Psychology with a certification in child & adult life's care.


  She is dedicated and passionate in her caring for young children, she enjoys preparing Easter baskets  and hosting annual events offered at MDSH. Other interest include future publishing of children's books and creating her " Such A Baby"  line of onesies. Her motto is practice, practice, practice and you'll get it, get it get it, not to mention singing to the children in her care songs and games created  or re-created by her.


 Tiffany Keller


 Ms. Tiffany, lovingly called "Ma" by the children in her care, has been assisting Ms. Dee Dee since opening her doors in 2003. She is fun loving, and energetic and is the daycare's cook as well,

she has training in several childcare courses including CPR, First Aid, infant / toddler, safe sleep & Sid's.


  Ms. Tiffany has plans of starting her own Shoe business and boutique, she loves children and is the picture / video creator for MDSH. She has a love for old school Cadillacs, and enjoys dancing to music with the children in her care.

Mareeca Boyd


 Ms. Mareeca, is a former caregiver for MDSH who has rejoined our team for substitute care when Ms. Dee Dee is away from the day care home. She is CPR certified in adult. infant / child first aid,

with a background in nursing, her list of skills also includes managing a grocery store and training executives to use proper safety procedures when handling money.


 Ms. Mareeca begun caring for children at a very young age and has never lost her passion for nurturing and guiding them. She enjoys making people smile and feel good about themselves and has a gift of lighting up a room when she enters it, Her future plans include retiring in the home of her dreams and traveling.

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