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     MDSH  Special Visitors


 MDSH enjoys lots of visitors, during the summer and annually on special holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Fire Safety week. MDSH enjoys visits from Chamberlin Petting Zoo, James the Science Man, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny to name a few. MDSH also has Mother's Day Breakfast to Go, Soul food Night and Pajama Day. There are visit from the Tumble Bus, Chris Clark and Stan The Fireman. The children at MDSH also enjoy celebrating St Patrick's Day, Dr Suess Birthday and Foods around the world, where all of the children bring in a variety of cuisine's from different cultures. Look for the slide show coming soon displaying all of the fun enjoyed at MDSH. Pics of Sandy's Land , Go Diego Go and Chris Clark's magic show, etc will be added. * Due to the Pandemic these events are canceled until further notice..

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